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Encontros Bibli: Revista Eletrônica de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação, Florianópolis

ISSN: 1518-2924, eISSN:
65 EDIÇÕES | 948 TRABALHOS | desde 1996 | 22 anos
Total de 64 edições
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1.Expediente, v. 17, n. esp. 1 (2012)status_article_2
Normas de publicação
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1.Normas InglêsEm revisão
Artigo científico
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1.Actions for information literacy in cyberspace: reflections on the contribution of metacognitionstatus_article_1
2.Brazilian public archives: the transference of information on the internetstatus_article_1
3.Cognitive trajectories underlying the process of searching and using information: fundamentals and transversalitiesstatus_article_1
4.Contribution of cognitive science and information Science for information representation: proposal for use in the construction of virtual health librarystatus_article_1
5.Decipher me or i Will devour you ? challenges in the use of Technologies for preservation and in archivesstatus_article_1
6.Ethical values in information organization and representationstatus_article_1
7.Human intervention in qualifying process data mining: a case study in a database hypotheticalstatus_article_1
8.Ontology: ambiguity and accuracystatus_article_1
9.The organization of archival information in the architectural records of the research and documentation center of the college of architecture and urbanism ? UFRJ, Brazistatus_article_1
10.The sociocognitive context of indexer in the process of information thematic representationstatus_article_1
11.Proximities between Piaget?s adaptation process and Nonaka & Takeuchi?s knowledge conversion modes24 - 39status_article_1
12.The cognitive viewpoint on information science and processing information in cognitive psychology - a vision for interdisciplinary40 - 66status_article_1
13.Academic use of information: the information behavior of graduate students in education169 - 187status_article_1
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